SM Wholesale USA | U.S. and German WWII Uniforms and Field Equipment


SM Wholesale offers the highest quality WWII military reproduction uniforms, fieldgear and clothing on the market today. In fact, they are so good that when Hollywood needs a military uniform, SM Wholesale is their first call. Our primary focus is providing the film and television industry with premium militaria for movies and TV shows for but we now also offer our highly detailed uniforms and fieldgear to private collectors, museums and re-enactors. We painstakingly recreate every detail of the original item from every stitch to every button. Our camouflage smocks, jackets and trousers are the closest you will find to the original WWII issue. Some of our older WWII German smocks are sometimes mistaken for the real thing! We encourage you to set one of our reproductions next to an original and try to find differences and there will be few. Ours will look just like an un-issued version of the original.

Everything at SM Wholesale is manufactured in house by our highly skilled staff. You will not find cheap imports here like you find from other sellers. Our products are made right here in the USA with the best sourced materials. All of our combat boots and uniforms are made to last and assembled in the same fashion as the originals with the intent of being used in combat. When you buy from SM Wholesale, you can feel comfortable knowing that you have purchased the finest quality WWII reproduction uniforms and equipment available today.